Our Clients

We have established a solid network in Asia Pacific, particularly S. Korea and Japan from private to public companies.We are also very well-connected with research-driven academic institutions, research institutes, healthcare venture capital firms, and decision makers to facilitate transactions in a timely manner. Well-adapted to US, Korean, and Japanese business cultures, we stay in the mainstream of the life science industry for years. Our representative clients using our services are as follows.

We have been working with clients to identify new business opportunity while maintaining an excellent business relationship.We have provided with high quality services for the best outcomes to clients.

Our Clients

  • S. Korean Pharmaceutical Companies
  • US Biotechs
  • S. Korean Biotechs
  • US Venture Capitals Firms
  • S. Korean Venture Capital Firms
  • US Research Institutes
  • S. Korean Academic Institutions
  • US Academic Institutions
  • S. Korean Research Institutes
  • Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies
  • US Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Government Agencies

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