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Our Business

Large cap pharmaceutical companies have reduced in-house development activities and increased their in-licensing and acquisition efforts from outside. Furthermore, the recent innovation gap and patent expirations of major blockbusters have accelerated efforts to find assets to feed up pipelines. Business development activities have become essential in making a business successful. Increasingly, pharma and biotech companies are looking for new licensing opportunities.We have focused on this business trend since 2008 especially by linking with Asian territories where knowledge of the business culture is also an essential factor for successful outcomes. They are looking for partners to better integrate them into the global market, and they became to possess high quality pharmaceutical assets in selected therapeutic areas.

Since the business paradigm in life science has changed to logo block format, technology transfer, M&A, and partnering are increasing in biotech and pharma industries, and these became routine business activities in our industry.

Focus Therapeutics can assist clients through

Technology transfer, acquisition deals, and their relevant transactions.
  • Sourcing early stage drug candidates, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnologies with commercialization potential and solid science underpinnings
  • Sourcing unexplored scientific assets to large cap pharmaceutical companies and health care venture capitals firms.
  • Assisting in- and out-licensing and acquisition deals and facilitating transactions.
Bio-venture fund
  • Actively engaged in the initiation of bioscience-venture fund with local partners for the support of early and mid-stage biotech companies as an advisor.
  • Consulting to launch of new biotech companies by sourcing promising development assets with unmet need.
    1. Recruiting officers and supporting staff
    2. Establishing a sustainable business model
    3. Sourcing promising development assets with unmet need
    4. Restructuring the business model and/or infrastructure
Evaluation of investment opportunities
  • Assessment of technology
  • Market forecast of technology
  • Assessment of biotech companies

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Our Goals

Our goal is to improve human health through our business development activities. Our aims are:

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    To link companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technologies and catalyze technology transactions for the best outcome

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    To connect companies for facilitating partnering toward commercialization

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    To assess technologies based on scientific merit and commercialization potential

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    To evaluate biotech companies for investment opportunities

Our Strengths

Focus has established a solid network in Asia Pacific, particularly South Korea and Japan together with the US.
  • Established networks from private biotech companies which are not yet publicly known to larger public companies in S. Korea and Japan.
  • Well-connected with healthcare venture capital firms in S. Korea and US.
  • Well-connected with pharmaceutical companies in Japan.
Focus performs high quality services for the best synergistic outcomes for its clients.
  • Our efforts have enabled us to stay in the mainstream of the life science industry for years.
Focus is well-connected with key opinion leaders.
  • Connected with field opinion leaders and owners of leading companies in the Asia Pacific, particularly S. Korea.
  • A proven network to decision makers in industry and academia to facilitate the client’s transaction of deals in a prompt manner.
Focus is very good at bilateral collaborative work.
  • Response to clients in a real-time manner for efficient and prompt decision making.
  • Well-adapted to work with US, Korea, and Japan-based companies as we are very familiar with those business cultures.

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